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Intro to Universy Invest

Universy Invest entered the retail trading space with a goal of creating proper conditions for all traders who are interested in the financial markets. To do so, the broker claims to have employed a team of experts, who are up to speed with what is needed today in order to trade effectively.

Because the brand is gaining momentum and an increasing number of people are talking about it, this is the right time to discuss its trading offer more broadly. Let’s see why Universy Invest should be on your watchlist in 2023.

Trading with Universy Invest

CFDs list

Traders seek optionality these days and in this case, it is good to know that there’s a comprehensive CFD list you can take advantage of. With currencies, crypto, stocks, indices and commodities in the picture, you have a lot of choice when you come to decide what the most optimal assets for you to trade every day are.

Although there is a certain degree of correlation between different asset classes, not all perform the same. It’s better to focus on instruments that are volatile and at the same time, have a clear directional bias, since in such an environment, trade setups have a higher accuracy.

Established trading software

To help you understand the market from a technical perspective, Universy Invest relies on MetaTrader 4, a popular trading platform. Well-known indicators, drawing tools and customizable charts help traders notice subtle changes in the price action, spot key support/resistance areas and position themselves to anticipate future moves.

MT4 remains an icon in the CFD trading industry, simply because it manages to remain a #1 choice for such a long time. Users who want to learn how to trade online will probably like this platform thanks to its user-friendly interface. Experts use it because they know it provides stable performance, regardless of the volatility regime.

Trading conditions

Speaking about trading terms with Universy Invest, you should pay attention especially to the accounts facilitated by the broker. There are 4 options at your disposal (Beginners, Medium, Retirement and VIP), so you will surely find the right account for you.

 Universy Invest trading benefits

Thankfully, trading terms are not that different between accounts. Spreads are tight and max leverage reaches 1:400 for VIP account holders, but other than that, all customers share some interesting features.

No commissions, STP market execution, a personal account manager, the ability to trade micro lots and an unlimited number of positions allowed are just some benefits that stand out. To fund a live trading account with fiat fast and securely, you can use a credit/debit card payment or a bank wire.

Universy Invest logo


Universy Invest seems to deliver on its initial promises and that means traders should really take a closer look at what it has to offer. If you want to test live trading conditions, the Beginners account can get the job done and once you feel comfortable for an upgrade, the broker has 3 other account types at hand. All traders benefit from a generous asset list and the popular MetaTrader 4 platform.