Everest Trust’s Guide To The Most Influential Currency Pairs You Must Keep An Eye On

The forex trading domain presents a lot of opportunities where the right choice of currency pairs can further increase your trading efficiency. The experts at Everest Trust have pinpointed the top currency pairs you should definitely monitor, considering their liquidity, trading conditions, and overall economic impact.

1. EUR/USD (Euro/US Dollar)

The EUR/USD is not only the most-traded currency pair but also a leading major pair overall. Its immense popularity stems from representing two of the world’s largest economies: the Eurozone and the United States. 

In this particular pair, the high liquidity allows for the execution of large trades without substantial price impacts. Also, EUR/USD enjoys the most favorable trading conditions that include tight spreads, stable movements, and speedy order execution. 

Participants should closely watch the economic indicators from both regions, namely GDP growth, employment rates, and monetary policy changes from the central banks to effectively trade this pair. 

2. USD/JPY (US Dollar/Japanese Yen)

USD/JPY stands out for its liquidity and the economic contrast between the U.S. and Japan, influencing its trends. The pair is often influenced by factors like interest rate differentials between the Bank of Japan and the Federal Reserve, as well as the political stability of the US and Japan. 

Note that the Yen is a favored safe haven in times of global financial uncertainty, leading to less volatility in comparison to other pairs.

3. GBP/USD (British Pound/US Dollar)

This duo is highly volatile and often trades with huge fluctuations, where high rewards also come with increased risks. Factors that contribute to the movement of the GBP/USD include political developments and economic data releases such as GDP figures, unemployment rate, and inflation rate for both countries.

GBP and USD symbol coins on a Forex chart

4. AUD/USD (Australian Dollar/US Dollar)

The pair’s value is primarily driven by Australia’s commodities-based economy. Therefore, it is sensitive to changes in commodity prices, especially metal and mineral prices. The economic news from China as a major trading partner can also cause substantial price movements.

5. USDCAD (US Dollar/Canadian Dollar)

The pair is heavily affected by changes in the price of crude oil and the overall economic performance of the United States of America, Canada’s largest trading partner. This pair is a good combination of stability and moderate volatility.

6. USD/CHF (US Dollar/Swiss Franc)

It is preferred by traders seeking stability since the Swiss financial system is known for its robustness. Also, the Swiss Franc is a stable currency that can be traded in a counter-directional manner with other more volatile pairs in times of high volatility.

7. EUR/JPY (Euro/Japanese Yen)

The EUR/JPY is the most traded among the minor pairs and is influenced by the European and Japanese economies. It presents a unique set of opportunities and challenges, balancing the Euro’s relative stability against the Yen’s safe-haven status.

8. USDHKD (US Dollar /Hong Kong Dollar)

USD/HKD is an exceptional exotic pair because of its role in Asian trade and finance. It is more volatile and less liquid but its movements can offer valuable trade openings. 

Why Currency Pairs’ Popularity Matters In Forex Trading

The popularity of a currency pair greatly affects its trading dynamics. High liquidity implies frequent trading which helps in reduced costs and improved conditions. For instance, common combinations such as EUR/USD can be traded with tighter margins and minimal transaction fees for enhanced trading experiences.

Moreover, popular pairs have higher informational transparency. They are frequently mentioned in financial news, receive more in-depth analytical coverage, and are also the target of trading signals and forecasts. This wealth of information can be very useful for trading purposes. On this note, Everest Trust is a prominent online broker that includes a variety of currency pairs to help traders access all markets in one place. The firm also integrates an online support system to facilitate the clients at each step of their journey. 


By focusing on these currency pairs, traders can leverage robust trading conditions and abundant market information to potentially enhance their trading performance in the forex market.