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UniTrust Venture
It looks like this brand’s services have been put on pause. We’ll share more details about its operational status once we have more information to provide.
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Besides honing your skills as a trader, choosing the right broker is one of the most significant things you should never neglect. In this review, we have shed light on the services and operating framework of UniTrust Venture to help you decide if this brokerage platform is the right choice for you.

About the brand

UniTrust Venture is a trading broker with diversified financial assets and effective technology, well-suited for all levels of traders. The brand includes a reliable security structure, customized tools, and swift execution speeds to ensure an efficient trading experience for users.

Moreover, UniTrust Venture stands out with its versatile features and impressive statistics, as the company has reported over $83 million in gains this year.

About UniTrust Venture


UniTrust Venture connects users to several popular markets, facilitating their portfolio diversification. At the platform, they can trade an extensive variety of market-leading stocks and the relatively new asset class of cryptocurrencies, with tight spreads and up to 1:400 leverage.

The broker also catalogs a range of commodities, like minerals, oil, and precious metals, and a real estate investment option, hence enhancing the multiple-market exposure of participants.

Account options

UniTrust Venture enlists five account types and as a result you can start trading from as low as $249. All the accounts consolidate multiple features, which gradually get more advanced with increasing account levels. However, even the most basic account is provided with daily news, weekly market reviews, progress reports, and an account manager.

Here are the available accounts with their minimum deposit requirements and margin limits.

  • Standard: $249, up to 25% margin loan
  • Silver: $470, up to 35% margin loan
  • Gold: $855, up to 50% margin loan
  • VIP: $50,000, up to 75% margin loan
  • PRO: $150,000, up to 100% margin loan
UniTrust Venture account types

A comprehensive trading avenue

UniTrust Venture maintains an all-inclusive ecosystem enriched with a scope of services:

  • The trading academy extends more than 1000 hours of learning material related to trading basics, financial instruments, and trading strategies. The academy caters to more than 350 students who are learning from industry-leading professionals.
  • Lightning-fast execution speeds – nearly 25 ms, and advanced order types with an automated settlement.
  • A highly secure financial system built of dedicated servers, robust authorization terminals, and transparent approval of transactions.
  • Maintenance of low latency and deep market liquidity.
  • A committed customer services team accessible via phone, email, and online form.


UniTrust Venture is an emerging broker with competitive trading tools and sophisticated features. The broker establishes a gateway to diverse financial markets, ranging from stocks to real estate, with efficient end-to-end security and consistent execution speeds. Moreover, the brand offers multiple account categories, a trading academy, and reliable customer support to cultivate a seamless working zone. Overall, UniTrust Venture sustains a transparent and powerful system along with swift technology to help clients capitalize on world-class investment opportunities.