It looks like this brand’s services have been put on pause. We’ll share more details about its operational status once we have more information to provide.

Trustpac is an advanced CFD online trading platform, relying on a team of experienced financial assistants, as well as a variety of tools, all provided to make sure customers can trade optimally on some of the most popular assets today.

Trustpac awards

As a result of the hard work done since its inception, Trustpac has already received several awards including the East European Commissions’ “Preferred Trader 2017”, the Asia Traders Union’s “Best Online Trader 2016”, and the East European “Best Workplace Top 10 Finalist 2016”. This shows commitment to high achievements, as well as gratitude for serving customers with professionalism.

Trustpac online trading brand


This is a broker working for traders aiming for diversification, which is why the asset index includes a wide range of CFDs, including:

  • Shares
  • Currencies
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Indices
  • Futures
  • Commodities

Trustpac offers market-leading spreads and fast execution, to ensure its customers can benefit from highly competitive conditions. This is a must now that volatility is elevated and traders need to get in and out fast, at the desired price.


Fast execution is possible also since the company employs advanced trading technologies, embedded in user-friendly web-based software. Thus, traders have access to a single platform that can be used on any type of device.

In doing so, Trustpac lets traders get involved in the markets from anywhere, given they can use their smartphone to manage a trading account. With a customized interface, and promising tools such as Social Trading, market news, and price alerts, Trustpac facilitates both technical and fundamental analysis.

Advanced charting powered by TradingView makes this platform the right choice for those who rely on technical indicators to spot areas of interest on the chart, regardless of what asset types they trade on.

Trustpac trading features

Trading tools

Supporting traders when making difficult trading decisions is part of the work done by Trustpac. As a result, you truly have all the tools you need to trade effectively. The list includes an economic calendar – updated each time an indicator is released – trading strategies, an asset index, an education center, training guides, access to exclusive reports, and more.

Customized guidance is also necessary, which is why the broker offers one-on-ones with trading experts. This makes Trustpac a brokerage suited not only for experienced traders, but also for any individual interested in the financial markets, willing to learn how the industry functions.

All of the resources needed to do that are on the table; all that’s needed on the trader’s side is a commitment to study, take calculated risks, and constantly improve according to feedback from the markets.

Trustpac logo

Is Trustpac legit?

Given the awards it has received, the transparent policy, and the wide range of trading benefits associated with a trading account, Trustpac is a brokerage that deserves traders’ trust. Navigating in the financial markets today is not possible without several important features, including working with a reputable trading brand.

Trustpac is a client-centric brokerage, which is why you can get in touch with one of their representatives at any point in time, and get answers to any questions regarding the trading offer.