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About Portrades

Portrades is a retail trading broker that is recognized for its cutting-edge platform and professional services. Based on the information available regarding the brand, it strives to provide a holistic trading experience, and it does that with multiple account types, access to various markets, analytics and education.

These are needed trading tools, regardless of your trading strategy, which is why we believe it is a good idea to discuss the Portrades offer more broadly. If you are searching for a broker to work with, here are a few key features to know about this one.

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Crypto trading conditions

Over 400 assets are currently covered by Portrades, offering enough diversification conditions. Traders can choose from cryptocurrencies, forex, commodities, indices and stocks. Depending on your trading style, at least a few of these instruments should fit in well.

Portrades asset coverage

It’s possible to trade with leverage, based on your account type. For Basic account holders, trading leverage is capped at 1:100 (FX trading pairs), while Platinum accounts have access to 1:400 maximum leverage when trading currencies. Differences in terms of margin requirements also emerge based on the asset class you want to trade.

Traders of Islamic faith have access to swap-free accounts. The main trading costs you need to be aware of are spreads and overnight swaps, since Portrades does not charge trading commissions.


Moving on to trading software, Portrades has three different solutions available. The first one is Portrades Web, a browser-based software that can also serve as a crypto trading platform. It is lightweight and fast, both key qualities when trading digital assets.

 Portrades Web platform

Portrades Mobile is another option, designed for smartphones and tablets, and it makes trading on the go a whole lot easier. Traders have full control over their accounts and can manage the latest price changes professionally.

MT4 is a third platform of choice, addressing all clients who are already accustomed to software from MetaQuotes. This comes in versions for any device you might want to use, so no need to worry about compatibility.


Upon signing up for an account with Portrades, traders are invited to choose a plan that suits their needs. The broker offers Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond accounts, addressing the needs of traders with different levels of capital available for trading.

In case you want to keep things simple, Basic is a good option and it is accessible in exchange for $250. You get support from a dedicated senior account manager, daily market updates, up to 1:100 leverage, eBooks, and other educational resources.

Traders are also able to deposit more and benefit from other premium features that may help them when making difficult decisions. Funding is possible with popular methods such as credit/debit cards and bank wires.

Bottom line

Portrades seems to offer competitive trading terms, addressing traders from all over the world. Opening an account is fast and simple, and when you do that you get access to 400+ assets, plenty of tools and resources. The broker promises a professional approach and looks committed to engaging with its clients. We give it a good score.