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INFINOX has been offering CFD trading for over 13 years now, and in the process has managed to understand what traders need when they engage in the financial markets. With lightning-fast trade execution, low trading volumes, flexible leverage, and 300+ instruments, this broker seems to have a very competitive offer.

Customers are showing satisfaction with the fact that this brand complies with regulations across several jurisdictions. INFINOX holds operating licenses with SCB, FCS, and FSCA, so it can  serve traders from all around the world. If the trading offer sounds good to you, stick till the end of this review to find out more about the broker.

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FX and CFD trading

One of the main benefits of INFINOX is the ability to trade on forex pairs. INFINOX covers tens of different currency pairs, and that allows customers to diversify their portfolio. The FX market is now a volatile one and traders need to be able to switch from one pair to another quickly.

But this is not just an FX broker. There are several other asset classes available as well. CFDs on equities, indices, commodities, crypto and futures make up for a modern trading offer.

INFINOX FX trading conditions

Trade backed by solid data

In a fast-paced trading environment, access to reliable data becomes a valuable asset. INFINOX comes to the aid of customers by offering IX Intel, a place where you can find out all that’s happening in the market as of late. Articles on topics like research, education, and current events are intended to help you gauge the market sentiment and directional bias.

Some traders wish to get more from their broker, and that’s why INFINOX came up with IX Social. With this social trading app, you can copy trades and engage with a large community of market enthusiasts. Experts can share their ideas about the market and improve their edge by seeing how others are positioned.

Trading conditions

STP, ECN, corporate, and joint accounts can be accessed when signing up with INFINOX. Based on your aim, these accounts can meet expectations and deliver in terms of trading costs, accessibility, and functionality.

MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 are your platform choices. Both look similar at first glance, but differences can be spotted in terms of embedded indicators, the simplicity of the interface, and coverage for features such as VPS and market depth.

INFINOX operates transparently, which means that you can find out more information on topics such as leverage, swaps, rollovers, dividends, and market notifications on the brand’s website. These are important issues, because trading costs can impact your bottom line in the end.


Ending thoughts

INFINOX is a proper place for CFD trading, given the long track record of the broker and the competitive trading terms. This is a regulated brand, which clearly believes that only by meeting customer demands, can it succeed in the field of online brokerage.

The company works on behalf of both retail traders and corporate customers, offering a full range of services that are aligned with what modern market participants desire. It’s possible to start with a small deposit and that makes INFINOX an inclusive brokerage.