Australian Dollar Forecast: AUD/USD Bulls At Make-Or-Break Resistance



The Australian Dollar has been making headlines in the forex market, as it approaches a critical juncture against the US Dollar. This moment is deemed a make-or-break for AUD/USD bulls, as they face significant resistance that will determine the future trajectory of this currency pair.

The Importance Of The Resistance Level

The AUD/USD pair has encountered a pivotal resistance level, which is seen as a crucial test for the ongoing bullish momentum. This resistance is not just a mere price point but a psychological barrier that encompasses several factors including economic indicators, market sentiment, and geopolitical events. The outcome of this confrontation could either pave the way for a significant bullish breakout or lead to a bearish reversal, marking it as a turning point for traders and investors alike.

Economic Indicators Fueling The Momentum

Several economic indicators have been fueling the bullish momentum of the Australian Dollar. Australia’s robust export performance, particularly in commodities like iron ore and coal, has significantly supported the AUD. Additionally, the stabilization of China’s economy—a major trading partner—has positively impacted the Australian Dollar. However, the resistance level in question is testing whether these economic fundamentals are strong enough to sustain the upward push.

Technical Analysis: Patterns And Predictions

From a technical perspective, the AUD/USD has been forming an ascending triangle pattern, indicating a continuation of the uptrend if it successfully breaches the resistance. The RSI (Relative Strength Index) and MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) indicators suggest an overbought condition, signaling that the rally might be reaching its peak unless a fresh influx of bullish sentiment or economic data can push it beyond the current barriers.

Potential Market Movements And Scenarios

If the AUD/USD pair breaks through the resistance level, it could set a new bullish target, potentially reaching highs not seen in recent months. Such a breakout would likely be driven by continued positive economic data from Australia and potential weaknesses in the US Dollar, linked to the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy decisions.

Conversely, failure to break the resistance could lead to a price correction, where the Australian Dollar might see a pullback. This scenario would be influenced by a strengthening US Dollar, spurred by higher US interest rates or a shift in risk sentiment globally.

Strategic Considerations For Traders

Traders should keep a close eye on upcoming economic reports from both the US and Australia, as well as developments in global trade and finance. Setting stop-loss orders near the resistance level can protect against potential losses should the breakout attempt fail. For those bullish on AUD/USD, awaiting confirmation of a breakout above the resistance with significant volume could be a prudent strategy to capitalize on a potential rally.


The Australian Dollar stands at a critical make-or-break point against the US Dollar. This resistance level is more than just a technical figure—it is a litmus test for the underlying economic strength of Australia and the market’s belief in its capacity to rise higher. Whether this results in a breakout or a breakdown, the movement of the AUD/USD pair at this juncture is set to offer significant opportunities and risks, making it a key watchpoint for anyone involved in the forex market.