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Building a portfolio is easy with ArgoTrade

Not all traders are the same when it comes to preferences and strategies. Some have higher risk tolerance than others, and their portfolios tend to be more aggressive, whereas others tend to be more risk averse. Luckily, the market offers various instruments that are suitable for different types of traders, regardless of their risk appetite.

One of the most attractive instruments for conservative traders is bonds. Bonds are usually described as risk-free investments, given that many of them are backed by sovereign governments. To trade a wide variety of bonds, you need to choose a broker that has a good bond offering. In this review, we will present to you ArgoTrade, as well as the disadvantages and the advantages of trading with them.

About ArgoTrade

ArgoTrade is a rising star in the world of trading. It offers its clients a wide array of CFDs on assets to trade. In total, traders can choose from 2100 CFDs, all available on a daily basis. This includes the following:

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There is always something good to trade with ArgoTrade

  • Forex: you can trade major and minor currency pairs at low costs. Those markets are usually open 5 days a week 24 hours a day.
  • Stocks (or shares). You can leverage the movements of the stocks of big companies like Tesla, Google, and others.
  • Bonds. ArgoTrade has an attractive offer on bonds. You can choose from a wide range of available bonds. They are a good addition to your portfolio to reduce risk.
  • Cryptocurrencies and assets: Cryptocurrencies are known for their big movements. You can trade all the major cryptocurrencies in addition to other popular ones with ArgoTrade.
  • Indices. Indices are often used as benchmarks to measure the performance of stock markets in economies at large. You can trade all of the major ones, such as the Dow Jones industrial Average, Standard and Poor’s, and FTSE, with this brand.
  • ETFs. Exchange traded funds basically help you invest with ease, as they don’t require extensive analysis of each stock. Overall, they are suited for a passive investing style. ArgoTrade offers several ETFs in different sectors to choose from.
  • Commodities. Commodities are the main pillars in global trade and influence the global economy significantly. You can trade all kinds of commodities including agricultural, metals, and others with ArgoTrade.

All of these instruments enable you to build a truly diversified portfolio, and they are all available for trading as CFDs, which means that you can use leverage. This also lets you suit your portfolio to trading news and trends, as they unfold.

Trading conditions with ArgoTrade

ArgoTrade offers financial leverage to help traders in their trading journey. Spreads are as low as 0.3 pips on the EUR/USD. This provides favorable trading conditions, especially to those who trade more frequently.

ArgoTrade also allows you to trade using the famous and user friendly MT4 platform, which is very flexible and has many features and options that are designed to make the trader’s life easier. There is also a web-based platform for traders who prefer to use it.

Final words

One of the major advantages that you can get when trading with ArgoTrade is the large number of available instruments. You will never run out of options. Moreover, it offers competitive trading costs, and a solid platform. It is a recommended broker, for risktakers and even more so for conservative traders.